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Megan Adams Brooks​

Artist, Megan Adams Brooks has been digitally printing her designs since 2009 when Megan Adams LLC was established. Adams Brooks’ always knew she wanted to have her own business and be creative. She studied painting and drawing at Southern Methodist University for undergrad and then completed a Masters of Fine Art degree in fibers at University of North Texas.  Through her studies, she learned all the different ways to make fabrics and she continues to incorporate fiber techniques throughout her work today.


As an artist and fabric designer, Adams Brooks’ finds inspiration everywhere. Patterns, textures and color are constantly influencing her work.  Megan Adams fabric line is categorized by the specific inspirations that lead to each design. These include animal prints, botanicals, ethnics, natural textures, and her original paintings. Her process begins by taking her original drawings, paintings and photographs and then she manipulates them on the computer. 

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