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Lori Battaglia

Unique, Eye-Catching Patterns
Inspiration for surface patterns that began with a grandmother's love for her grandchildren. Lori Battaglia helps bring each of her client's projects to life with unique and creative surface patterns for products such as wallpaper, fabrics and home decor.
Surface Patterns Gallery
Meet Lori Battaglia

I specialize in creating unique and eye-catching patterns for various products, including fabrics, wallpapers and home decor items. As an artist I draw inspiration from various sources through my photography.

My journey as a surface pattern designer began when both of my daughters were expecting at the same time. I created designs that would perfectly complement their nursery so that they would be surrounded by my love. 

My passion is to do the same for my clients, although I have hundreds of designs to choose from in my portfolio that are unique, I also look forward to providing a personal touch so that each project reflects a personal style.

As an experienced artist and educator with a Masters Degree in Art, I share my passion for art as a Professor of Art History for Universities in both Georgia and South Carolina.

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Contact Mark Baker for more information about products from Lori Battaglia.
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