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Ever Atelier

Artistic Experimentation at Work in Every Design
Is there a pattern you're looking for that you just can't find anywhere? Ever Atelier is your solution! For every client, Ever Atelier creates custom designs that range anywhere from flora and fauna to abstract pieces that can't help but draw the eye.
Wallpaper Designs
An Intro to the 2020 Collection
The Kip Bay Project
The #StayLoveList Project

(Ever)y so often...we meet + connect with talented people that are true beli(ever)s in our passionate work---and completely trust us to actualize our dreams through collaboration. We are beyond grateful to the (ever) extraordinary Yates Desygn team for the opportunity to conspire on their #staylovelist project. We are also appreciative to the entire Dallas Lovelist team for allowing us to help envision their Airbnb dream for their newest

immersive instagrammable brand #staylovelist.

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Jane Doe

Contact Mark Baker for more information about products from Ever Atelier.
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